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Wohnen in FrankfurtRheinMain

Welcome to the making-of blog of the book project „LIEBENSWERT -Wohnen in Frankfurt Rhein-Main“ (LOVEABLE – Living in Frankfurt Rhine-Main area). Here we feature our book from the first idea over the period of creation until the publication and moreover.

We – the authors Claudia Servaty and Nicola Holtkamp – have been created a charming coffee-table book about people and their homes in Rhine-Main area.
Main subject of the book is to show, how people live in this metropolitan area and how they feel here. Do they have any life concepts they follow and does that have any impact on their homes?

Within our 25 portraits we would like to render the different styles of living and we try to give an authentically private view of the region. Besides we explain the uniqueness and the structure of the metropolitan area.

We added a short english summary to most of the making-of reports. You can find them by clicking the names of the people here. Use Google Translate to read the rest of the blog.

Look in the book

Liebenswert book available from Amazon Germany
Liebenswert book available from Amazon.com
Liebenswert book available from Amazon.uk

ISBN: 978-3938783788
Language: German
More than 350 photos


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